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Well worth the money. Excellent resources. The videos cover a wide range of techniques - unfortunately some of the tutorials seem to be missing their English version

Administrator Answer
Please use the contact form and add the links to the tutorials which are missing the english version so I can fix them.

Andrei, como bien sabes hace mucho tiempo que te sigo tanto en tus vídeos de Photoshop como en los de fotomontajes e inclusive he sido premium anteriormente y siempre estoy muy muy satisfecho de tu trabajo y de tus explicaciones pongo por ejemplo los cuatro o seis vídeos que tiene sobre selecciones son formidables y sobre el tema que nos tiene podemos recordar el vampiro o la vampira


It seemed like it would be a good site, but it is pretty useless.
The site itself does not work well. It keeps telling you to log in after you already have, you have to constantly switch every page to English, and even then you end up with some things in Spanish.

Once I got in and got a good look at the tutorials I saw that they were all simplistic and unoriginal. Nothing you cannot find on Youtube.

Honestly, I really regret wasting my money!


Desde siempre he sido fan del foto montaje, solo que he visto pocos
cursos al respecto. Yo vengo de Udemy y he visto que acabas de publicar un curso y me he dado cuenta de tu sitio web.
La verdad me he quedado impresionado por la cantidad de tutoriales y recursos con los que cuenta el sitio.

Un cordial saludo y Enhorabuena Andrei.


Not used the site very much yet but downloaded 3D LUT files crashed Photoshop CC

Administrator Answer
Hi and thanks for your message. Do you have the latest version of Photoshop? If you need assistance with this issue please use the contact form and send me an email and I'll try to help you.

Llevo mucho tiempo siguiendo esta página, me inicié en photoshop en ella ... francamente es muy buena, espero contar poder seguir en ella por mucho tiempo.

Luisa Fda.
Aux. Administrativo

When your email says (USD) $1.25 per month ($15/yr), billing should be for one US DOLLAR per month ($15). After payment is complete, I am told that I have paid just shy of $20 for your membership. I am not concerned with the small difference in cost, as much as I am about this deceptive/dishonest advertising. If you manage to snag, perhaps, 1000 subscribers with this deceptive advertising, that's $5000 in profits to you. If your continued growth depends on the good will and word of mouth of your customers, bad experiences like this don't further your success.
Not a great way to begin a relationship with a new/returning customer.

Administrator Answer
Hi Chris, thank you for your testimonial and sorry for the confusion with the price. the $15/year is displayed automatically and should be € not $ that's why you paid almost 20$, because of the 15€ converted into dollars. I will remove the automatic conversion to avoid future confusions and display the price only in euros. At least I hope you are satisfied with the content on the website 🙂

La verdad es que compre la cuenta premium para un año porque me gustaba mucho como explicaba las cosas Andrei, me parece muy bueno, pero la web me esta decepcionando, hay muchas cosas gratuitas. Creo que no ha valido la pena pagar la cuenta premium, no le encuentro tanta diferencia con lo que publica Andrei de forma gratuita

Administrator Answer
Hola Elena. Gracias por la información. Me centraré más en los tutoriales premium para que los usuarios que pagais una suscripción tengáis lo el contenido que os mereceis. Gracias por tu franqueza
Elena Navarro
agencia viajes

I highly recommend this site for all of your photoshop needs and resources.

Roger Harris
Retired US Army

Good tutorials and diversified. lots of resources and tips to improve.

Romain Bonnet