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Day to Night – Advanced Illumination

In this tutorial I will show you in detail how to create a realistic lighting effect in Photoshop. I’ll create a simple scene and then we’ll create a night effect and add the light.
I’ll teach you how to create an advanced mask to control the light effect only on the parts of the photo that interest us so we’ll create a much more realistic effect than painting on the mask with a brush.
Any version of Photoshop will be useful for this tutorial. The difficulty of the tutorial is intermediate.

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Advanced photoshop cc manipulation tutorial

The Pirate

In this Photoshop CC manipulation we’ll create a nicely illuminated scene with a pirate. We’ll use only a few stock images and at the end I’ll show you how to create an amazing color and light effect using layer styles and adjustment layers.

You can create this tutorial in Photoshop CC and previous with some minor changes which I’ll explain in the tutorial. This is an advanced tutorial so basic things like making selections, and how to work with the tools are skipped.

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