Rent photoshop tutorials. Tutorials rental

Looking of a particular tutorial but don’t want to buy a subscription? On PSD Box, you can now buy and rent individual tutorials.

Renting a tutorial gives you access to it via online streaming for 3 days. You will be able to download the resources related to that tutorial. You can download them and they are yours forever but after 3 days the video will no longer be available. No subscription is required.

Buying a tutorial is as easy as renting one. The difference, besides the price, is that when you buy a tutorial you can also download the video along with the resources so you can watch it whenever you want. It’s yours forever.
You should receive emails with links and instructions about how to get your purchased files but at any time you can login on our rental page.

Keep in mind that this an external service so you will have no account on our website. Once you purchase or rent a tutorial you will receive instructions on the email you provide. This rental service is managed by PSD Box via VHX.
If you want to purchase a subscription and have access to all the tutorials on our website you have to purchase a subscription here


Tutorials available for renting and purchase