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In this website you will only find tutorials of advanced difficulty and some of intermediate difficulty. If you are a complete beginner these tutorials might not be for you.

Sign up for a free account and you will receive an advanced tutorial for free so you can get a sense of the difficulty level of my premium tutorials

If you are a beginner user and want to learn how to use Photoshop, please follow my free Photoshop for beginners series.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel the renewal of your subscription please go to your account and click the Cancel subscription link on the Account Details section.

Cancelling your subscription will stop the automatic renewal and you will not be billed anymore. Your account will still be active until the current supscription expires. After it expires you will no longer have access to the premium content.

Free accounts

In order to access some of the free downloads you have to sign up for a free account. Why are you required to sign up to download free stuff?

  • I want to keep track of my downloads
  • You will get a 5% discount coupon upon signup
  • You will receive a premium tutorial completely free
  • You will receive exclusive downloads and new content

What are the benefits of being a premium member?

  1. When you purchase a premium subscription you will have access to advanced Photoshop tutorials only available to members.
  2. In addition to Photoshop tutorials you will have access to exclusive resources such as: templates, PSD files, LUT files, actions, etc.
  3. All tutorials can be viewed online and you can download them to your PC along with the resources used.
  4. You can also download PSD files and resources from the free PSD Box tutorials, roughly 50GB of content

Is there a download limit for members?

No. By becoming a premium member you will be able to download as many files as you want whenever you want. If you have any problems with a download link, don’t hesitate to contact me in order to solve it.

What are the advantages of being a lifetime member?

Apart from the fact that it is only one payment for life, you will have access to absolutely all the content I publish. You will never have to pay for any of my content again.

You will have access to all future courses that I will publish.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with any credit or debit card or with your PayPal account. The platforms we use are PayPal and Stripe. Both accept credit/debit card payments.

The Stripe payment method is faster because it is done without leaving our site while with PayPal you will first pass through the PayPal payment page. Both methods are secure payment systems.

If you have a problem with one of the payment systems try the other or contact me.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

There are some cases and countries where it is difficult to pay online. If that is your case, you can make a bank transfer. To request payment via wire transfer please contact me using the contact page.

Is it safe to give my credit card details?

PSD Box a PayPal and Stripe business. The website is secured by an SSL certificate (note the https on your browser bar and click the lock next to it for more information) which encrypts your connection and the data you enter on the forms.

In addition, your card details are not handled by PSD Box. Your card information is managed by PayPal and Stripe which have very strict security and and fraud systems.

I don't want to be a member anymore. How should I proceed?

From your account you can cancel your subscription and downgrade to a free account whenever you want and than upgrade to premium again in the future.

How do I cancel my account and remove all my information from PSD Box?

If you no longer want to have an account on this website please contact me using the contact form. On the message body request your account to be deleted and all information removed from the server.

The administrator will reply to you asking for a confirmation and your account will be deleted forever. If you want to also be unsubscribed from any newsletter you can unsubscribe yourself when you receive them using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

Do you still need help?

If you have a question that is not listed on this page, do not hesitate to contact me.

About me

My name is Andrei, and I am the person behind almost all the PSD Box tutorials.

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