Once Upon a Time – Manipulation

In this intermediate/advanced manipulation tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a sombre and an emotional scene by adding desaturated colour effects using brushes and blend modes. Also, it will teach you how to create a splatter/dispersion effects to bring an emotional touch to the scene.

As well as, how to work with groups and layer masking to add a depth of field. This art came to me as an inspiration through memories of childhood, where once we were happy and carefree. It’s a very strong depiction of one’s past and the present, the happy and sad days. Like viewing it from an artist’s point of view – a visual portrayal of my own emotions.



Tutorial info
  • Tutorial type: Step by step text tutorial (html format)
  • Tutorial difficulty: Intemediate/advanced
  • Download: zip format 188MB
  • Inside the pack: PSd file, Stock images and full tutorial in HTML format



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7 comentarios

  • sarah enero 11, 2016  

    download does not work

  • Maria agosto 3, 2016  

    First tutorial in the web I really don´t like. A lot of significant moments (shadows/glows/blend modes) are not explained at all. Obvious (to put one image on the other/mask) are presented. It makes an impression that the tutorial was publised to “add some more stuff” for subscribers..

  • Janaina agosto 29, 2016  

    I believe this should be showed the layers on the video there is just 4 pictures for the tutorial?

  • Karin septiembre 17, 2016  

    Thank you for this manipulation, I made it and changed some things to make it different. The html tut is very clear on all the steps so thank you very much.

  • lm61digital@hotmail.com octubre 11, 2016  

    Este archivo lo descarga, pero al descomprimirlo da error, si lo puedes solucionar se agradece. Un saludo.

  • marcosmsanchez@gmail.com febrero 2, 2017  

    Descargue el zip pero al descomprimirlo da error!! El comentario al mio es de Octubre del año pasado y todavía no lo solucionaron. Gracias.

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