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Once Upon a Time – Manipulation

In this intermediate/advanced manipulation tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a sombre and an emotional scene by adding desaturated colour effects using brushes and blend modes.

Also, it will teach you how to create a splatter/dispersion effects to bring an emotional touch to the scene. As well as, how to work with groups and layer masking to add a depth of field.

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Magical Night – Manipulation Tutorial

You will learn to create a surreal photomanipulation, using non destructive techniques. Also you will learn how to create lighting effects with simple tools, blend images together and develop a better workflow.The tutorial is for intermediate and advanced users of photoshop. Since you need to know the basics to achieve the result.

My inspiration for this tutorial was adding some elements that you won’t expect to be there, like the fish in the sky, I think that when you do an artwork and you add this unexpected elements the final image will look more interesting and will stand out of the rest. So I hope you enjoy this tutorial and remember always give your personal touch to your works.

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Surreal Manipulation Tutorial

A while back I participated in a contest where the theme was surrealism. I designed an image similar to this one and ended up winning the contest. Anyway, to design this idea I though on all the times when I had an idea for a manipulation and then all of a sudden a bunch of ideas started to burst into my mind. I decided going with an image that makes no sense at all and at the same time it makes perfect sense.

Since we have various elements to compose this image we will be using various techniques for each one. This is a good way to train our abilities and get to know different tools and techniques to obtain certain results. I hope you have fun.

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