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Portrait editing tutorial

RAW Edit an Outdoor Portrait in Photoshop

In this raw portrait editing tutorial I will show you how to edit an outdoor portrait shot with in natural light and using a reflector. Lean new Photoshop techniques.

Bring Portraits to life in Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to enhance a portrait in Photoshop with adjustment layers. I will show you how to change the tones of a picture selectively and how to change the lighting to make a portrait more beautiful.

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Portrait enhancing in Photoshop

In this video I’ll show you how to enhance a portrait in Photoshop using a combination of adjustments and blend modes to make local corrections.

Beautiful Portrait Effect

In this simple tutorial I will show you how to create a cool portrait effect in Photoshop.

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Beauty Retouching & Portrait Painting Effects

This is a 10 parts tutorial (a total of 5 hours) step by step video where you will learn how to make a smooth painting effect, apply makeup, paint eye lashes, create a beautiful background, add skin texture, retouch lips and a lot more.

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Digital Painting Portrait Effect

In this premium tutorial you’ll learn how to create a cool digital painting effect on your photos using Photoshop CS6.

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Glossy Porcelain Skin Effect

I’ve seen a few porcelain effect tutorials for photoshop but none of them really convinced me. So, I found a portrait and started a process of trial and error applying different filters and blending modes. Eventually I achieved the nice glossy effect you can see below.

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Old Man – Portrait Retouching Tutorial

In this retouching tutorial I will show you how I changed a dark grey background with something more colorful. We will clean the face of the model reconstructing the teeth using the Clone Stamp Tool and the face using the powerful but simple technique of frequency separation.

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Dramatic Skin Tones Tutorial

In this video tutorial I will show you a simple and effective technique of creating a hard dramatic skin effect. This is an intermediate difficulty level tutorial.

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Colorful and dreamy photo effects

In this premium tutorial I will show you how I combined Adjustment layers and blend modes to create a colorful dreamy effect on your photos.

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