I create Photoshop tutorials

I've been creating Photoshop tutorials since 2009 for beginners and advanced users
I'm a self-taught Photoshop artist and like teaching other how to improve their skills. I love design and graphic communication.
Andrei Oprinca PSD Box Creator
Andrei Oprinca
Self learning

Everything I know I learned it by myself. Now I like to teach others. You can do this too.

Passion is the key

If you are passioned about what you're doing, hardworking becomes a lot easier

Practice makes perfect

You will not be a pro in 2 days. Practice as much as you can, train your eyes.

My first photoshop creation

The Brush Tool was a mind blowing discovery for me when I first touched Photoshop. Suddenly I realized that the only limits on creation are the imagination that one has.

I made this artwork which I named The speed of love back in 2009, about one or 2 months after my first contact with Photoshop. I don't even know the tools or filters that I used but the portrait of the girl was a real photo, not a silhouette.

How I started

The reason I first opened Photoshop was because I wanted to create a cover for a CD. Back in 2007 I was playing around with music creation software like Reason and FL studio.
I started creating really basic things and I was actually enjoying it very much so I gradually stepped into design and left music. Everything else came by itself and many hours of work but I enjoyed every step of the journey. You can find the tutorial of the police officer artwork on psdbox.com or my youtube channel.

The Creation of PSD Box


First I started publishing my creations on deviantART (which I still do) but I soon switched to a better platform.

Next step: YouTube

YouTube was perfect, I could create video tutorials which were easier to follow and for my followers.


I soon needed a website so I could store the downloads I was offering. Now PSD Box has 4 sub-sites including the members area.