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Master Photoshop editing and manipulation

Learn how to make creative manipulations and beautiful portrait effects in Photoshop. How to work with color and adjustments to create the perfect look.

For photographers & artists


Photo effects

Learn how to create beautiful photo effects in Photoshop and new workflows

RAW editing techniques

Enhance your raw Photoshop combining Camera RAW and Photoshop editing techniques

Effects templates

Download brushes, stock, effect templates and presets ready to apply to your photos

Sunset Photo Effect using Blend Modes

Create better images using blend modes. I will show you how to fix an overexposed sky using a stock image and blend modes. We will work with adjustment layers and combine them with blend modes to recover color and create a better looking photo.

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Composite a studio photo into new background

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Ground Support – Advanced Manipulation 2017

Create a nice military scene using stock images and 3D renders. I will show you how to quickly create backgrounds by blending images and how to integrate people on it.

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Dark Manipulation Tutorial Soul Storm

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Books Fantasy Manipulation

Advanced fantasy manipulation tutorial made in Photoshop CC. I will show you how to create realistic lighting of a scene and how to create beautiful color tones, fantasy effects and colorful light effects.

Photoshop CC is recommended for this tutorial but alternative techniques are explained for users with CS version. We will use the Camera RAW filter for some effects and the presets and color lookup gradings are available in the resources folder as long with the original stock used and the PSD file.

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